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The photos Facebook removed

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Hot local stripper"nice asses"

Here are the photos facebook removed! Where is the nudity? Is it that offensive? I guess it must have to much violence.

Lets keep Facebook busy, everyone has permission to use these photos as your profile picture or to share with friends!

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  • Mikki says:

    There is NO nudity in any of those pics. Someone abviously reported them and that’s the only way that they were removed. It’s rediculous. I’m wearing hotpants on halloween and it’s on my FB and has been my profile pic. I’m not nearly as hot as these girls. And SO WHAT it’s obvious they are sticking their asses out. Get over yourselves and enjoy and appreciate not only your body (cuz I know you have pics of your ass stick’n out somewhere) , the only difference is…these girls show it!! If you have the body and can make the money dancing without clothes on (wich doesn’t make anyone a hooker) then I say go for it…I would!!!
    Of all the violece that is allowed all over the place and people are offended about hot asses…again…get over it and simply enjoy it!!!

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