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How soon should I book my party?

We always recommend to book your party the sooner the better. 2-3 days in advance is sufficient.  Keep in mind if one girl gets several requests for one particular night, she will be booked with the parties that called first.  We will always book last minute parties, but if you have a specific female stripper or time frame you want, we suggest you call a few days ahead of time.

Are the dancers in the pictures the real dancers I’m hiring?

Yes, they are!  They are hot local girls or guys of the Central Coast, San Francisco and Sacramento!

What if I want them to stay longer?

Not a problem, as long as they don’t have to get to another party right away.  If the tips are still flowing and everyone is still having fun, its fine for the girls/guys to stay an extra 15 minutes.  If you would like them to stay an additional ½ hr to 1 hr, your stripper or strippers will need to call in to verify they are not scheduled for another party.

How much does a stripper cost?

Prices vary.  How many strippers or how many hours, what services are they providing?  Are they stripping, bartending or both?  We do give discounts for multiple stripper shows and multiple hour shows.  We always give discounts to all service men and women as well.  Give us a call directly at 805-400-7174 or toll free, 866-348-2255 for further details.

What’s included in the booking fee?

( Do I have to pay more once they get there?)

The booking fee includes 1 hr of a full nude striptease, special attention to the man or woman of honor. Of course, the strippers make most of their money from their tips.  So the more you tip the funner the party is going to get. Sp be prepared for party games!

When & how do I pay for my entertainment?

You pay for your entertainment as soon as your stripper arrives to your venue. The dancer’s driver will collect the funds, so she can get ready that much quicker so the hot entertainment can start. You may also pay in advance by credit card.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Coming Attractions does take all major credit cards.  If you are paying with a credit card, you need to call Coming Attractions before your strippers arrive to your party to verify funds. She/he does not have a credit card machine with them.

What can I do to prepare for our entertainment?

You won’t have to do much.  Just make sure all your guests will be on time. A living room type setting is best with chairs for the guests and a chair in the middle of the room for the man or lady of the hour.  Make sure the floor is clean and if you have tile or hard wood floors, mention it to one of our lovely phone operators, so they can let the dancer know to bring a few blankets for floor shows.  If your party is taking place in a restaurant, please cover the windows. 

Besides great sexy entertainment, what do the strippers bring to my party?

The strippers will bring their own music, whip cream, etc.  If you have a stereo with an iPod hookup that is great, but if not, the strippers will bring a portable stereo.

What about security?

Yes, our strippers do bring a driver with them.  Our drivers will not get in the way of you and your friends having a great time.  He or she is there to help the stripper set up her music, pick up her clothes she strips off  and collect her/his money. Drivers are a great help to grab the whip cream or make change, so the strippers don’t have to stop the show to get anything themselves.  Most of the time you won’t even know the driver is there.

Last minute parties?

Got a wild hair and want to hire a stripper tonight?  Not a problem.  Call us up and we will send out one of our lovely ladies.  Bare in mind you may not get exactly who you want, but since all of our girls are so beautiful and sexy you will not be disappointed with who you get.  Depending on our schedule for that night we usually can have a stripper to you within an hour.

How late do you provide entertainment?

As long as we have strippers available at the time you request one. We usually answer calls up until 3am on Saturday nights.

Can I touch the strippers?

Can I touch the strippers? At Coming Attractions, we really do want you and your friends to have a great time, but with boundaries. If someone is disrespectful physically or verbally, she has the right to leave and not refund the money. The more respectful a guy is, the more attention he will get!

When should I get more than one stripper?

The choice is yours. Our 2 girl shows are our most requested. Two is always better than one!

My friend is only 17, is that ok?

Sorry guys and girls. You must be 18 & over to participate in a party with a stripper. If your stripper thinks you are under 18, she or he can ask to see your id. If you are under 18 you or the stripper will have to leave. No exceptions.

Where can I have my party?

A residence is the most common place to have a stripper party. We also cater to parties held in hotels, offices, halls, etc.  Coming Attractions also works in conjunction with many local San Luis Obispo bars.

Does my stripper show up in costume?

Not normally.  All of our strippers arrive in regular street clothes.  Once they have arrived they will need to change into their sexy outfits in a bedroom or bathroom.

What if I want my stripper to be a surprise?

If you absolutely need your stripper to show up in costume, we will talk to see if it will work.  If not, stay in communication with your stripper, as they arrive and you can sneak them in.  Also have your own music ready and playing so he/she does not have to set their music up as well.

What if I want to be a stripper?

At Coming Attractions, we always welcome girls and guys to become part of our fabulous team.  It’s a fun and great opportunity to make great money.  The hours aren’t long, so its conducive with most school schedules and other jobs you might hold.  We train all of our strippers before you go out on your own.  Call Amber at 805-400-7174 to set up an appointment.  If you are out of the 805 area code, no problem, we will get you all set up.

How do I become a driver?

If you interested in becoming a Driver for any of our exotic dancers, call 805-400-7174.

Why choose Coming Attractions

At Coming Attractions, our clientele comes first.  Therefore we have a large variety of strippers to choose from.  We take great pride in having the professional, hottest, and funnest strippers you can find in your area.  So whether you prefer blonde strippers, brunette strippers, redheaded strippers, Latina strippers, black strippers, tall strippers, petite strippers, or curvy strippers, we can grant your wish. We can take it from mild to wild depending on your personal taste.

Coming Attractions is a well established entertainment agency. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clientele.  We understand how important your event/party is to you and your friends.  We understand how the entertainment you choose for the party will reflect on you as well.  That’s why at Coming Attractions we treat each party or show like its our only party we have.  Making sure you, the paying customer is totally satisfied.

Coming Attractionsis the preferred entertainment agency in providing the finest female strippers, finest male strippers and exotic dancers that strippers San Luis Obispo has to offer.

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