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Entertainment Knockin’ At Your Door

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Entertainment Knockin’ At Your Door

Santa Ynez strippers coming attractions

“Hi! I’m Victoria with Coming Attractions, you hired dancers?” is one of my favorite questions to ask my clients when I arrive. As soon as the door opens, their lips curl and their eyes beam with excitement as you fumble to say “YES!”  That reaction has to be one of the best parts of this job.

As a dancer, I enjoy nothing more than to see everyone with big smiles on their faces, having a good time while I am honored to provide fun, sexy entertainment! My goal is to make sure everyone is having the time of their life!

With this job, reactions mean the most to me. Personally, I love being the one to bring the very innocent, quiet bachelor with a cute shy smile out of their comfort zone, or the birthday boy who has no clue how to react when approached by a drop dead gorgeous woman. Perhaps even a woman who would like the sexy entertainment of another woman!

Getting the party started, dancing my heart out, watching everyone gather around and start cheering on, laughing, dancing with the music, and just having fun, is the reason i love this job. A damn good time, a night everyone will remember for years and years to come, maybe even make traditions out of it. Something to look back on that will forever make you smile and laugh.

As I sit here typing this, I’m starting to anticipate the calls for this crazy Saturday night, how I have no idea what night is going to hold, how each show brings something different to vibe with- and I just can’t fucking wait.



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