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Lola’s first lapdance

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Lola’s first lapdance

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I love to hear the stories our strippers have to tell about their experiences dancing for Coming Attractions. This one is from Lola:

“The door’s closed, but the loud cheering of boisterous boys still seeps into my dressing room. I’ll call it that because a room I get dressed in is nothing less. Even if it is just a fraternity bathroom, beer bottle lined windowsill, toilet paper sitting separate from it’s holder. This is where Lola is born, in sweetly scented body spray and fine lacey lingerie.

Time to make my entrance, my debut as a dancer, a promiscuous princess, known by another name. Tonight, I’m a stripper starlet wrapped in moonlight and sensuality. I try to forget that I’ve never been to a party. That a few months ago, I was a strange girl in high school, nose always buried in books. Like a tacky 80’s movie makeover: take off the glasses so everyone can see my hidden beauty. From captain of the debate team to lipsticked beauty queen. I don’t think these guys would’ve given me a second look, and now I’m center stage at their party.

Five chairs of blindfolded boys form a circle at the core of the dance floor. I take my pick, a dark curly haired in a shabbily knotted neck tie. I slide my hands up his legs and lean in to let him sense my perfume. I sit on his lap and dance my fingers across the back of his neck and over the tops of his ears as a smile breaks through his nervous lips. Just as I pull off his blindfold, we lock eyes. Both of us stunned and surprised to find our first crush staring right back. My eighth grade boyfriend, my first kiss, and now, my first lap dance!

The music was too loud to say a word, but we both knew there was nothing to be said. We were sharing a moment and now, we shared a secret. Neither of us embarrassed, but delighted to be reunited. That was the best lap dance I ever gave and the only guy that’d get to know my real name.”


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