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Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all…..

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Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all…..

I’ve been doing this line of work, stripping for quite awhile, off and on. Most parties are all pretty similar. But now and then, even at a very traditional bachelor party or birthday party, something happens that is very odd and quite funny. I catch my self saying, ‘Well, that’s a first!” One of those times, the birthday boy was feeling quite invigorated and purposely kicked down the disco ball that was hanging from the ceiling. It took him a couple of tries but, I’ve never seen a guy kick that high! It was so random of a thing to do right in the middle of my show.

Now please realize, I am not coming from a place of judgement, what so ever and to each there own, but this next one was a bit eyebrow raising. I’m about to start my show and everyone is in the living room and we got the birthday boy in the chair. I keep hearing a college age girl say, “Daddy, get in here she’s gonna start! You gonna miss it, Daddy!” Low and behold, here comes her father and sits down near his daughter. Granted, everyone is adults at the party and I am all for open communication with our children about all sorts of topics, but I did feel really awkward. I was thinking, “oh please don’t buy your dad a lapdance and watch me perform it!” Luckily, she left the room shortly after i started.

I’ve got so many stories to add, stay tuned…..

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