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Plan Your Bachelor Party Ahead of Time

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Plan Your Bachelor Party Ahead of Time

bachelor party strippersThere is a ton of planning in preparation for a wedding. As we all know, that’s usually not number one on a guys list either. Luckily, the bride and maid of honor take over much of the planning for the wedding day. The guys want bachelor party strippers for their event!

But what about the bachelor party? The bachelor party is usually planned by the best man. That can be a lot of pressure for a guy, but with some help from us, Coming Attractions, San Francisco Bay Area’s hottest strippers, San Luis Obispo’s hottest strippers, Santa Barbara’s hottest strippers, and Ventura’s hottest strippers, the bachelor party strippers should be the highlight of the bachelors send off to marriage.

First, figure where you are going to have the party. Destination party ( San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara etc.)? Or, where you all generally live. House or hotel? Even if you going out of town for the bachelor party, renting a vacation rental is probably best. If you rent a hotel, you don’t have to clean up after yourselves, but noise can be a factor. You don’t want your party to get shut down by 10pm.

Another great option that we provide here on the Central Coast, is have your bachelor party or bachelorette on Xperience It’s 40’foot Prevost tour bus with Coming Attractions strippers. Bus starts off in Avila beach, California and you get to plan your route from there. Full bar, private driver, two living rooms, mirrows on the ceilings, and sexy strippers! Damn that sounds like a good time. Go to to find out more about our party packages with Xperience It Limo Rentals.

Secondly, what will you guys do until the strippers get there? Golf, surfing, shooting, paint ball, dirt bikes, four wheeling, gambling? Drinking is okay during the day, but you want to make sure the guys are able to maintain till the night rolls around. We, the strippers, have been to several parties where the bachelor is so incoherent he’s not having a good time or missing the whole show, cause he is passed out.

Thirdly, strip club or house strippers? The obvious choice is Coming Attractions strippers. We got San Francisco strippers, Sacramento strippers, San Jose strippers, Santa Cruz strippers, Monterey strippers, Paso Robles strippers, San Luis Obispo strippers, Pismo strippers, Santa Maria strippers, Santa Barbara strippers, and Ventura strippers. The girls you request from our website are the girls you get! No bait and switch. Bachelor party strippers in San Luis Obispo are way better than going to a strip club because: you can drink alcohol and relax, the girls work together instead of against each other, the show is way more wild than at a strip club (think whip cream and lollipops) and you will get way more out of it for the money overall.

So make sure you plan ahead to reserve the place to have the party so you can truly enjoy all the activities for your friends one and only (hopefully) bachelor party.

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