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Top Five Tips For Planning A Bachelor Party

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Top Five Tips For Planning A Bachelor Party


–Premiere San Luis Obispo dancer provider Coming Attractions is the perfect way to celebrate; we provide the most professional, fun and hottest dancers in San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach. Booking is easier than you thought and the team at Coming Attractions is happy to help you plan the perfect party.

Here are our top five tips for ensuring a successful bachelor party your friends won’t forget.

Book your party early

Book your party early to ensure you get the girl you want, two to three days in advance works just fine and they can always accommodate late bookings so you don’t miss out. The talented and hot local girls are amazing dancers, check the website for bios and pick the perfect girl for your event. Or why not double the fun with two girls?

Set it up right

A living room is the best setting with chairs for guests and a chair in the middle for the man of the hour. Make sure the floor is clean and if you have tile or hard wood floors let them know, so the dancer can bring a few blankets for floorshows. If your party is taking place in a restaurant ensure the windows are covered. If you are coming in from out of town, vacation rentals or hotels are a great option.

Get your guests there on time

Ensure your guests arrive on time so they don’t miss out. Included in the booking fee is a one-hour full nude striptease and special attention to the man of honor. More tips mean more fun, so be generous to encourage bachelor party games.

Know your party etiquette

Mostly just sit back and relax and enjoy the show. If your dancer knows she can trust you not to manhandle her, she will be more relaxed and dance more freely. If you want your dancer to stay longer this isn’t a problem, as long as they don’t have to get to another party right away. If the tips are still flowing and everyone is having fun, it’s fine for the girls to stay an extra 15 minutes. Any longer and the girls will need to verify they are not scheduled for another party.

Know the price and be prepared

To ensure you have the best experience possible call the team at Coming Attractions and they can chat to you about costs as prices vary depending on what you order. You can either pay by cash when your dancer arrives or pay by credit card prior to the event. The team is always happy to chat with you and help you prepare the perfect party.

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