The Hottest Male & Female Strippers

Whats included in the door fee when I hire a stripper?

Here at Coming Attractions Adult Entertainment, we get asked a lot what is included in the door fee? Not every agency does this the same. Many times I hear from guys who have hired a different agency in the past, that the dancer wanted more money to just strip! Or[…]

Now Hiring!

Gain Independence. Get yourself thru school. Buy the things you want. Pay your bills. Call 805-400-7174 to find out how. Must be 18 years of age, attractive, in shape and responsible. San Luis Obispo strippers, Santa Barbara strippers, Paso Robles strippers, Santa Maria strippers, Santa Barbara strippers, Ventura strippers, Thousand[…]

Upcoming Video Shoot with Cruzmatiks!

Very much looking forward to tomorrow in Santa Cruz, CA. with Cruzmatiks. They so kindly asked us to provide the hot girls, models and dancers needed for their next music video. I’m totally honored to have been asked to do so and really looking forward to see how a music[…]

Halloween, the night everyone can dress like a ……

Halloween has become as equally a holiday for children as it has for adults. I hear so many people say, “This is the one night I get to dress like a slut.” I do love Halloween myself, I can at least go in public dressed well, shall we say, scantily[…]

Coming Attractions Party Care Packages

Well 2Live Crew jsu got their Coming Attractions party care package in the mail. They loved it! Coming Attractions shirts, booty shorts, crop tops, koozy cups, and bumber stickers were all included. I will be posting their secretary doing a booty dance in out crop top and booty shorts at[…]

San Francisco Strippers adventures

One of my most reliable and best strippers, Brooklyn, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, has had some really interesting stripper stories. On Sunday, she text me thanking me for the party I sent her way. As well as that it was at The Fairmont, one of the most[…]

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all…..

I’ve been doing this line of work, stripping for quite awhile, off and on. Most parties are all pretty similar. But now and then, even at a very traditional bachelor party or birthday party, something happens that is very odd and quite funny. I catch my self saying, ‘Well, that’s[…]

Welcome back Cal Poly, GoGo dancing at SLO Brew, San Luis Obispo

Welcome back Cal Poly students! Wow week is in full effect right now. One way we are welcoming Cal Poly students back, is we will be having sexy Coming Attractions GoGo dancers shakin their rumps at SLO Brew the last two weekends of September and the first weekend of October.[…]

Get Your Coming Attractions Coozy Cups!

Football Season is here again for 2012-2013 and you got to keep your beer cold as long as possible. What better than to have a cozzy cup that keeps your beer super cold and when you are down in the dumps that your team is taking a beating, you have[…]


I am so excited to have an actual blog on our site. I always have a lot to say but never had the right platform. Or I can think of great topics to write about and as soon as the screen is in front of me, I go blank. I[…]